Fashion Victim or Style Icon??

Oh such joy, the Ab Fab movie is finally out.  I just can’t wait to go.  Have any of you seen it yet?  What are your thoughts.

For so many of us, as well as the long awaited anticipation of their hilarious (and sometimes cringeworthy escapades), I’m sure the other thing we have been waiting is to see what delights Edina and Patsy are going to be wearing !!!

What do you think of their “style”??

Obviously it is hammed up for TV and made more extreme than we might see on a daily basis ourselves, but do you think “go get ‘em girls – good on ya for dressing how you like?”, or do you want to hide behind a cushion and just peak out long enough to get enough air to shout “Nooooooooo !!!!!!”

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

“….There are the Patsys – insiders who set fashion rules but haven’t changed their own personal style since the 1980s. And there are the Edinas – who try all too hard to make the latest trends work regardless of self-doubt, camel toes and blisters. She is the patron saint of fashion victims.” 

Your style is as individual as you

Style is indeed a very individual thing and one of the things I focus on most as in Image and Style Professional, is helping any woman get the look that is right for them.

We must feel comfortable in our clothes – we need to feel our clothes shout “me” when we wear them.  How often have you felt uncomfortable in clothes which on paper (or in a shop window) in your mind “should” look good, but it just doesn’t “feel right”??

A woman’s clothes should ultimately make her look and FEEL amazing.  They should suit your style personality (how many of you have a really outgoing personality but wear muted non-descript clothing?  How does that say “Hi I’m a really outgoing and fun person?)
The clothes need to of course flatter your colouring and bodyshape, but they must also work with your lifestyle and indeed your budget.

I would much rather shop for a client in Primark and get clothes that flatter her than have her dripping head to toe in Prada just because of the name.


Ooh I couldn’t possibly wear that!

Then of course it comes to that old adage “mutton dressed as lamb”.  And this has become increasingly interesting over the years as there are as many stylish 70 and 80 year olds as there are 20 year olds – so it has nothing to do with age.  It’s more (again) what’s right for YOU.  If you wear the clothes that express your personality, are right for your colouring and shape, and equally important are right for your environment and lifestyle then why not wear them.  Why should a woman over a “certain age” feel it’s time to go big on lilac crimpolene??

I perfectly understand that it can be a big step to venture into clothes that truly represent “you”.  I work with so many women who have got stuck in a rut, and are nervous about stepping outside of it.  But truth be known, in fear of not wanting to look like mutton dressed as lamb, hundreds of women are playing it safe and conversely making themselves appear a lot older and dowdier than they are.


It’s all Style, Style, Style

For those that aren’t “into fashion” – that’s great – neither am I.  I’m STYLE all the way. But none of us want to look or appear to others as “old fashioned” – so I love the term and concept of being current!

My job is to help women look and feel their best in any given situation.  To transform not only how they look and feel, but also how they think.

Do we want to be a Patsy and stuck in a look three decades old?
Do we want to be so enslaved to fashion that we look like we are going to a fancy dress party?
The answer to both of those is a big fat NO!!

Style Icons or left overs from Ab Fab Wrap Party?? Answer: Actually it was “Oxfam dressed by the kids day” honest!!

Style Icons or left overs from Ab Fab Wrap Party??
Answer: Actually it was “Oxfam dressed by the kids day” honest!!


We want to look and feel amazing in the clothes which represent us and even give us the odd compliment or 3.

SO Find YOUR Style and stick to it but make sure it is current.

My TOP 5 TIPS on Staying Stylish while still being YOU!

1.  Check through your wardrobe and see how many items are more than 5 years old.
Unless you have bought them because you are a lover of vintage, it is likely that even if they have lots of wear left in them the style will have become dated.  How can a jacket become dated you may ask?  Well, look at the lapels, the cut, the length, and even the colour.

2.  Look at what is around today – how does it differ.  It’s all in the detail.  Then either purchase a new jacket or be creative and change the collar or buttons etc yourself – do something that makes it you and makes it current.

3.  When you purchase a new item, remove something similar and older from your wardrobe.

4.  Stick to the colours you know suit you, regardless of whether they are in fashion at the time or not.  By always wearing the colours that make you look fantastic, people will be noticing YOU rather than if you are wearing the latest trend (or not).

5. Mix your clothes up.  Why not try wearing different combinations?  Or if you used to have to be suited and booted for work, but no longer need to dress so formally, try wearing the suit jacket with jeans and heels for a stylish “smart casual” look.


Are you stuck in a Style Rut?

I work with women all over the country helping them get that “YAY” feeling about their appearance. And getting excited about clothes again.  And I can help you achieve the same thing

If you don’t live near me – no worries, geography is no problem with my virtual consultations.  Or if you would prefer a face to face consultation and don’t live in Norfolk – why not come up for a couple of days and we can work intensely together to create the “new you”.

Let me be your Style Doctor….

Email me and tell me exactly what your symptoms are, and what you feel is wrong.

Every client is different, which is why I work with an individuals specific “pains”.  There is no “one solution cures all”, so I will email you back YOUR PERSONAL STYLE PRESCRIPTION with full details of what I can do for you to make you LOOK AND FEEL gorgeous.


And finally – just for fun….

Click here to see if you are more of Patsy or an Eddie (source:

Sweetie Darling or Bitch Troll from Hell ??
Sweetie Darling or
Bitch Troll from Hell??

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Stay Gorgeous


Claire xx