Come closer, I want to let you into a secret

This is just between me and you and your body-shape.

Are you ready ???  OK here goes ….

It’s OK to love yourself and be kind to yourself!

We all sometimes wish for what we haven’t got – Slender beauties yearn for bigger curves while voluptuous belles long for a straight, sleek frame. No matter what age or shape we are, we have got into a habit of wishing we were different.

Understanding your body-shape isn’t about being able to put a name to your shape (after all, who enjoys being referred to as a fruit?).

It can be hard to feel body confident in a world where girls and women are often made to feel unsure about their natural looks – not always directly, but through a never-ending onslaught from advertising, media and the multi-million-pound beauty industry.Love your bodyshape - don't hide it

So, I’m here to say “enough is enough.  Don’t try to change who you are, and certainly don’t hide your lovely shape away”.  No one is inadequate!!

Absolutely everyone can look good if they feel confident – and, believe it or not, the more confident you feel, the more confident you will act and the more people will treat you like a super-confident person.

The fashion industry spends a lot of its time dressing one single body-shape.

But look around – think about the most gorgeous women you know in your life and ask yourself two questions:

  1. do they conform to the fashion mag image of the perfect body-shape?
  2. do  you think they’re stunning, but do they love everything about themselves?

Chances are at least one of the answers is no.

How do I know what suits my body-shape?

It’s about understanding the shape of your silhouette, your scale, your proportions and learning how to dress to accentuate all your gorgeous bits and disguise any area you may feel you don’t like so much.

Let your clothes be your tools.  Learn how to use them to different effects to help you look taller, shorter, curvier, slimmer.  Or just to make you look your absolute gorgeous best.

You will discover everything from the best necklines, sleeve, trouser and skirt lengths and shapes, even down to what shape and size handbag and jewellery are the most flattering for you.

Taking the guess work out, you save ££££’s by only buying what actually suits you and makes you look completely fabulous.  Then it no longer must be a secret, you can shout it from the roof tops.

It’s time to stand up, send your self-image, self-worth and self-confidence SKY HIGH!