Come into focus!

Have you ever had a top, that you love the colour of, but that makes you look washed out? A dress that looks fab on the hanger, but you always seem to look tired or poorly when you wear it?  That’s probably because the shades of it’s colour are wrong for you. When you find the right colours for you it won’t be long until you notice that your eyes look brighter, your skin looks clearer – it’s like a photo coming into focus.

Discovering the best colours for you is like waving a magic wand.  You instantly look healthier, your eyes shining, your skin clearer, even your jaw line more defined, and your confidence will soar.

I will show you the colours which make you look and feel fantastic.  Gone are the days of being grouped into 1 of 4 “seasons” and being “forbidden” to wear certain colours that you may love.   Everyone can wear every colour, but it is discovering the best shades of it or how to best wear it for you that is most important and that is what I will do for you.  I work with you and how YOU want to look and feel.

My job is to make you look and feel fabulous in your clothes.  It most certainly isn’t to tell you NOT to wear certain colours.

A lot of ladies are worried I might tell them not to wear black.  Fear not – I leave that to other more traditional image consultants.  We may well discover other neutral shades that look even better than black on you – but if you want to wear black, and love wearing black – then my job is to show you how best to wear it for YOU.

What colours suit me? 

There are myriad of factors that will make up your colour pattern – this is the range of colours that will suit you. All of them are to do with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour – but it’s not as simple as saying “you look good in green”.

The difference colour makes!

The fact is, that everyone can wear every colour – it’s just about finding the right shade!
I use the most up to date and accurate method to discover your colour patterns so you can be sure to find the combinations that really suit you.

Every colour in your colour pattern will blend and compliment with your natural colouring and you will instantly see the difference they make. 

Once you know your personal colour pattern you will know how to choose colours for your clothes and make-up that make your eyes look brighter, skin look clearer and generally make you look healthier, younger and more confident.