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I am so blessed to have met the wonderful women I have worked with during the years I have been lucky enough to be doing the work I love. One thing really stands out though – that even if some have similar colouring or body-shape or style personality – every single woman I have worked with is as individual as a snowflake and her personal style reflects that. This is something I really want to celebrate.
So I have come up with the Styletastic Interview where I ask inspirational women from all walks of life their Style Story.


Here is the next in the Style Story series with the wonderful Alex Emmerson

Alex Emmerson - Her Personal Style Story

Alex Emmerson – singer with Beat Connection

Style Story ….

Name:  Alex Emmerson

Occupation:  Singer

Where do you live (Name of city, town, village etc.):  Norwich, Norfolk

1. Could you please start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I am Alex. I am a 40-year-old happily married busy mum of 4 home-educated boys, and I am also a multi-business owner. I am 100% Italian but came over to the UK when I was 18 to do a degree in Foreign Languages, fell in love with an amazing man and the rest, as they say, is history. I love beach holidays, bejewelled stuff, and the colour purple. I do not love tea, people who talk really loudly in restaurants and really weak light bulbs!


2. Can you please tell us a bit about your work and what inspired you to work in that industry?

I am a singer. Being a singer is something that you are, not something that you do. There was no way I was going to end up being or doing anything but singing or some kind of stage performing. I remember creating shows and selling tickets to my mum and her friends and asking them to come to my room at 7pm where I would put on a concert… I must have been no older than 8, but I already loved performing.


3. How would you describe your personal style? 

I would say my style is colourful, dramatic and somewhat funky, I don’t take myself too seriously and I love making a statement with my jewellery and accessories. Every now and then a little bit of a romantic side comes out especially when it comes to handbags and accessories, or home ware. I adore Pip Studio china, but I could never wear that kind of floral pattern on clothes…


4. What clothes do you like to wear for work?

I don’t really have a clear separation between “work” and “non work” time. Any business owner will admit it’s hard to draw the line, as you are your brand. If I am spending a day in the office, I have created myself a uniform to save time in the mornings. I found a great purple cross-front V-neck top that really suits my shape and hides a multitude of sins, so I ordered 6 of them, 3 in short sleeves and 3 in long sleeves. You can check it out here:My go to tops for the office
I wear that and a lovely A-Line grey skirt that I found in M&S that is very flattering (I bought a grey one and a black one), with flat black knee-high boots, so that’s my “office uniform”. On a cold day, I will add a V-neck jumper to the equation. V neck and anything fitted at the waist really work on me. Give me a round neck and I will look like I have just gained 10 lbs… I found some fab ones here: I love these jumpers
If I am working on a gig, it will depend what type of gig it is. My band “Beat Connection” offers various looks for different events, from black tie to “party” to “rock” depending on the client’s requirements and the event theme.


5. What about Clothes at home / social occasions?

On a day when I am at “home”, spending the day with the kids or doing some housework, I like to be comfy. I’ll wear jeans and trainers but I still always make sure my jeans are a flattering shape on me (I have always gone for hi-waisted bootlegs), and that my trainers are purple and funky. I then add a V neck top / jumper of some kind. I may not wear many accessories if I am spending the day with the kids as my toddler will rip all my jewellery off anyway!

For special occasions I do like to dress up. Parties and weddings will have me planning my outfit for months in advance. For party dresses I love to look around House of Fraser. I do love a bit of Karen Millen and their dresses always fit me like a glove and are dramatic enough for my liking. They also tend to come in colours and patterns that suit me.


6. Where do you tend to buy your clothes and why?

Every day clothes, it’s either M&S, Kew or even some sellers on Amazon that I have got to like and know they do shapes that flatter my body shape.
My slightly nicer clothes are either Karen Millen, Kew, Monsoon, Coast… Handbags I love Ted Baker! Underwear only from Bravissimo or M&S.
I buy some stage stuff from Quiz simply because they have a ton of very glittery stuff that’s right for stage, but the quality is not always great…..


7. Do you have a favourite Designer?

It used to be Desigual, but I have grown out of that. Now it’s Karen Millen / Coast. I hate anything too classic and goody-two-shoes like Mango.


8. If you could shop in one store anywhere in the world which would it be and why?

It would have to be House of Fraser, that way I get most of my favs in one


9. What style items would you “splurge” on (spend a lot of money on)?

Any. If it’s great quality and it fits me nicely, and I know it will last, I am always happy to splurge!


10. What is your most Memorable outfit ever?

I actually just did a new photo shoot for my band Beat Connection and I am a little bit in love with the “rock” outfit option. I wore a very simple black strapless top, but my skirt stole the show. It was a very full tulle grey skirt, very Sex & The City, and I wore it with sky high purple heels..


11. 3 things you would never throw out of your wardrobe and why?

My black boots – they keep me warm and stylish trough the winter.
My grey funky jumper – It’s a long very funky very colourful jumper. Grey is the main colour but it has Desigual style patterns on it and a fur neckline. I love it.
My purple heels. Cos every woman needs heels.


12. Favourite trend past or present?

Chokers are back! Love them . And my neck is long and slim enough that I don’t look stupid in them, bonus.


13. Is there a person who is a Style inspiration for you?

Why, Claire Butler of course!   (awww  schucks, thanks Alex, Claire xx)


14. Do you have any personal style rules that you NEVER break?

Oh yes, there are many. I never wear navy blue / black /brown in the same outfit.
I buy most of my clothes in shades of black /grey /purple / teal , so everything matches.
I NEVER wear ankle or mid calf boots or shoes with a strap round my ankle. Very very unflattering unless you have the legs of a gazelle.


15. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to fashion / style?

I really suffer the cold, so my biggest challenge is keeping warm and wearing lots of layers without ending up looking like the Michelin man….


16. Make-up!  A must have or a “do I have to”?  Any favourite brands?

Make up is a must have for every warm. My husband bought me a few make up lessons with an amazing make-up artist in the past as a Valentine’s present, and I loved it! Get your foundation right and learn how to apply it properly and you’re halfway there. I very seldom wear lipstick, but when I wear makeup I go big on eyes and a then just a little lip-gloss. No amount of makeup will ever cover up a face that’s over tired or dry and neglected. I do stick to my daily routine of wash and moisturise. I use all natural products from Lush and moisturise my entire body with coconut oil. I have very dry skin, so it works a treat, but I would not recommend it for oily skin. Favourite brand of make up, Lancome and Chanel all the way.


17. Do you wear a signature Perfume? (tell us about it, how you discovered it and how it makes you feel)

I love any perfumes by Lancôme. They are all sweet and I feel instantly happy and invigorated wearing them. My favourite by far is Poeme, but I also love Miracle and Hypnose. I also used to wear Organza by Givenchy, but that was more of a case of being in love with the bottle if I’m honest…..


18. What would be your Biggest luxury?

A Ted Baker matching purse, handbag and wheeled suitcase. Or a Chanel watch. That would do too.


19.What is your Smallest luxury?

My purple leather Filofax…


20. Finally – what is your favourite life motto?

“No matter how you’re feeling, get up, dress up, show up and never give up”.

Style Story with Alex Emmerson of Beat Connection

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Thank you so much Alex– what a wonderful insight into your Style Story.  Loving the detail and super impressed you still stick to the Style Principles we discussed so many years ago …



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