What colours suit me?

Colour analysis 2There are a myriad of factors that will make up your colour swatch – this is the range of colours that will suit you. All of them are to do with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour – but it’s not as simple as saying “you look good in green”.

The fact is that everyone can wear every colour – it’s just about finding the right shade!

Far from the seasonal approach with four options, Claire swears by the Directional Colour Analysis method, which has a staggering 48 different colour combinations – so you can be sure to find the combinations that really suit you.

So this is how Claire will work out which colours suit you… The factors she looks at are:

– can you wear deep or light colours? The darker your complexion, the deeper the colours you can wear.

– is your skin tone cool or warm?

– do bright or muted shades flatter you?

Using a process of elimination and a huge selection of coloured drapes, Claire will take these factors into consideration when looking at your natural colouring.  Are you : deep or light, cool or warm, bright or muted – and based on this will find the most important  factors to your skin tone, in the order of their importance, and will give you a swatch of all the colours that flatter you.

Every colour in your swatch will blend and compliment with your natural colouring.  Every colour that that colour blends with will also flatter you.  Claire will teach you how.

“My goodness, I was so scared of colour – I had no idea that colour could work for me, I had always worn safe, quiet colours. I need to wear bright, vivid colours. It was just outstanding!”