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Colour Analysis Liza Goddard
Colour Analysis with actress Liza Goddard




Sophie – Designer

“I’ve known Claire for over four years now and in that time have had a style consultation, colour consultation, wardrobe overhaul and personal shop. All of which have been great and I’m already looking forward to going shopping with Claire again soon.

Initially I went for the style consultation and walked away knowing what styles suited my figure – immediately this was huge confidence boost for me and I couldn’t wait to find out my colours too! The colour consultation was equally as brilliant as the style one and I felt I had a real toolkit for when I was shopping.

The next trip out to the shops was a quite amazing experience, here I was walking into shops and moving past rails and rails of clothes in the wrong styles and colours, easily ignoring them in the search for something that I knew would suit me. I found I could quickly browse the sale rails and I also realised that my attitude to shopping had changed too – I was no longer looking for anything to jump out at me but more looking for specific items I knew would be a good addition to my wardrobe.

In the years since I’m sure I’ve saved hundred of pounds by not buying items I end up never wearing.  I am regularly complimented on my choice of clothes (not something that happened much in the past!) and I feel SO much better about myself and my style.

I have used Claire to buy outfits for an event and they were the perfect choice and I can’t wait to find another excuse to take her shopping and get some more great outfits hanging in my wardrobe.

I have given gift vouchers for consultations for friends and would recommend that every woman see Claire and have a consultation done – especially if you’re not 100% confident with your clothes/style. It has been one of the best things I’ve ever done and would suggest to book an appointment immediately and open your eyes up to the world of Claire Bunton and all the wonders it holds!”


Jenny  – TV presenter

“BBC Look East used Claire Bunton to advise presenters on the best colours for them to wear and the most flattering shape for their jewellery and clothes. I have never had this kind of information before and I found it really useful not just in my working life, but in my private life as well. Many people have commented on the colours I’m now wearing – and the fact they are much more flattering to me. And I must say it’s brilliant to finally know what to look for when I go shopping! I can discard loads of clothes because they’re not ‘right’ and concentrate on buying the best shapes and colours for me. Claire’s also really approachable and passionate and a lovely person to boot.”


Liza Goddard – Actress

“For my 60th birthday my daughter organised a complete style and colour consultation with Claire Bunton. She had experienced the exact same thing a few years previously and although I had meant to organise it for some time it was just something I put off as not being essential to have done immediately (…plus I wasn’t sure I wanted to be ‘under the microscope’!) – if only I’d known then what I know now!

Claire arrived at my house armed with fabric swatches and other goodies and we sat down to go through everything. It was a positively life-changing afternoon!

Itʼs very simple, you just sit there in front of a mirror with coloured fabrics held next to your skin to see which work best with your skin tone. Itʼs quite dramatic the difference colour makes in creating shadows on your face and adding, or taking away, years.

After we discovered what colours suited me best I was guided through what styles would flatter my figure, whilst allowing me to keep my individuality. The life-changing part is that I can now go into any shop and see immediately if there are clothes that suit me. It is truly liberating.

I only wish that I had this consultation done years ago – when I think of how much money I would’ve saved from buying clothes that just didn’t suit me and sat on hangers for years it would’ve paid for the consultation many times over.

I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. I already have a wardrobe overhaul and a personal shopping trip booked and am really looking forward to it!”


Cassie  – De Cluttering Consultant

“What a great girl. Fun to be with, knows her stuff, loves her work, and gives a really clear understanding of the colours and styles that will suit you best. The results in my wardrobe have lasted! Thank you.”


Linda Thursby

“I have used Claire over the years to help me with my business and personal wardrobe… but what I was not expecting was the added confidence boost as when I wore the clothes that suited me, I knew I looked good and that in turn made me feel good. I still ask Claire for advise and even had her give me a wardrobe overhaul… and it was very interesting how I suddenly was able to see the wood for the trees… Thank you for making feel good, look good and the added confidence…”


Sarah Daniels

“Claire is highly skilled at her job- yet she is incredibly personable and approachable- she is like a pleasant version of Trinny /Susannah! More Gok Wan than Gok himself. She listens and interprets and gives sensible realistic advice, which is neither patronising nor degrading! I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire- a session with her transformed my view of my clothes and how I could wear them all- even Black!!!”


Denise Bretton

“Claire is both passionate and knowledgable and her advice is unquestionable! She proved to me how certain colours either did or really didn’t suit me!! I thoroughly enjoyed my day spent with Claire working out what colours and styles would suit my little 5 ft frame. Looking forward to a shopping expedition next.”


Corinne – Town Councillor
“My younger sister Emma decided to get married – 6 months time she said – yikes I said and the worry began almost at once. She bravely asked me to be Matron of Honour, not a duty that I ever thought I would be asked to do and not something that I initially felt excited about but I knew straight away that I didn’t want to let her down. Our middle sister, Julie was also a bridesmaid and as she has Down’s Syndrome I knew at once that we needed assistance – I called Claire. Help! I said, I needn’t have worried. Claire immediately arranged to see all of us, including Mum, and found us a dressmaker to make our outfits. She put our minds at rest straight away and by assessing what colour and style would suit us best she was able to help each of us achieve an outfit that we felt really confident in – even down to our underwear! All of our newly revised bra sizes were a surprise but made such a difference to the final look. Claire’s advice and guidance was completely invaluable – it made such a difference, and so much cheaper than plastic surgery!”



Debi – Change Management Consultant

“Both Clive, my partner, and I had our style and colour’s done a few years back with Claire and both of us have had the shopping experience and the wardrobe audit. The difference it has made is vast, we spend less on clothes and when we do buy things we actually wear them!
The real testament to Claire is last Saturday Clive and I went shopping for him and his first questions were ‘are these suitable for my shape’ and are these in my colours…anyone who engages Clive in the process must be good!!
Want to feel good, look great and spend wisely then ask Claire for help…you won’t look back!!”


Alex – Relationship Coach

“Claire is simply GREAT at what she does. I first had a colour consultation with her a while ago that helped me decide what kind of wedding dress to wear (I LOVED the result), but the colour chart that she gave me still helps me today to remind me that muted colour suit me so better than bright! And what a difference it makes! I booked Claire to do a wardrobe overhaul last week (highly recommended, it’s a great feeling opening my wardrobe and knowing that everything in it not only fits but it’s also flattering to me!) but the best thing about it was that I was panicking about what to wear for a really important business presentation I am doing next week. I needed to look professional but also soft and feminine, and I was kinda panicking and ready to hit the shops. But Claire took one look at my wardrobe and put together two items I never thought of putting together and they look great! She helped me out all the way to belts and jewelery and accessories and it took her 10 minutes. Claire offers a really great service for busy (maybe stressed out!) women, and mums who dont want to lose the connection with their personal style :)”


Kathy – Homeopath and Natural Fertility Coach

“I was lucky enough to have the vouchers for both a colour consultation and a style consultation with Claire for my birthday.  I have to tell you , those vouchers are the gift that keeps on giving!

Before seeing Claire I was not certain which colours suit me most and I lacked the confidence to walk out wearing some colours.  The consultation took place at my home and I found Claire warm and encouraging, yet very knowledgeable and professional.  At the end of the session, I was given swatches of my colour palette and some great advice, to help me in my shopping trips. Now I am happy to step out in shades of orange and red, knowing that they complement my natural colouring and make me glow!

The style consultation took place at a lovely local venue.  After quite a lot of discussion and observation to help Claire see my wardrobe personality, my lifestyle and work,  my self-body image as well as my true body shape, she gave me some excellent tips on everything from clothes to jewellery and from belts to bags and shoes. She also made me see myself more clearly; my attributes as well those little problem areas, that we like to minimize! She followed this up with my own “style bible” so that I can refer back to all we discussed.   I know she is happy to take any questions I have, since my appointments too.

I am now much more confident about choosing colours and styles for the right occasion – at work and outside it- and I find shopping much quicker and easier now that I know what I should be looking at.   In the future, I might hire Claire again for personal shopping, if I wanted another opinion for a major purchase or an outfit for a special event.

I would recommend Claire to anyone who wants to gain more knowledge and confidence in what makes them look and feel great and what is appropriate for their life and work. That applies , regardless of gender, body size and shape, age, lifestyle, current confidence or anything – go on, what are you waiting for?”


Linda  – Health troubleshooter

“Thank you so much for your amazing insight in doing my wardrobe overall…. Lovely to rediscover old clothes, release others and see what I actually have now… Now need to see how much the Hermes shirt goes for on eBay. Anyone who looks at their clothes and really has no idea what goes with what or even what clothes actually wear… Call this incredible woman to kick new life into your wardrobe….”




Sue –Communications Manager

“When you reach your thirties you don’t think you need to learn any  more about improving your image but this consultation blew that perception right out of the water.  Thanks Claire!”


Graham – Buyer
“I feel quite different.  My confidence has been boosted way beyond my expectations ..The advice from the colour and style analysis has made me a new person.”

Christopher – IT Development Manager
“Thank you again, this was an investment that was truly worth making, and I would urge everyone to seek out your help – even those of us who ‘think’ we’ve got it right will clearly benefit from your service! “


Rachel – Bride to be

“I was so pleased I had invested in image consultancy. It made it easier to choose the right dress, and saved me from making an expensive mistake.”



Helen , Fundraising Manager

“Thank you for the wonderful style and colour analysis last week.  The suitability of different styles and colours was extremely enlightening and your approach was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. “



Patricia  – Mother of the Bride

“I couldn’t believe the difference it made!  Everyone complimented me on my outfit and make-up but it wouldn’t have been so successful if I hadn’t come to you first.  I will certainly recommend you to all my family and friends.”



Donna  – Graphic Designer

“The highlight of the day was when I was draped with my whole colour palette I felt overwhelmed and excited at seeing all these new colours that suited me, and immediately felt comfortable with them.

I’ve had so many compliments from friends since I had my consultation, saying they have really noticed a difference.  I’d love to keep it a mystery, but I think it’s only fair that I give them Claire’s details as I know she will make them feel as good about themselves as I now do about myself”


Simon – Company  Director

“I spent a very enjoyable day shopping with Claire. Normally enjoyable and shopping are two words never used in the same sentence but Claire’s professionalism, planning and excellent knowledge made the trip very productive.

In 3 hours, I managed to buy more than I could hope to buy in a dozen solo shopping trips. No pick up, try on, indecision. No buy and take back, or buy, hang up and never wear again. It was a revelation. “



Robert  – Author
“You’re actually very good at what you do you know. I am rarely as impressed as I was with your enthusiasm, expertise and empathy.”



Annette – Wymondham Learning Initiative
“I wanted to take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been working with you since 2006 on both a personal and professional level.

The ‘It’s Not What You Wear’ workshops have been a fantastic medium for boosting participation in the learning programmes we have regularly put together for Saffron Housing Trust.  Learners have benefited from boosted confidence skills and improved job opportunities simply because they have had fun learning what colours and clothing styles best suit them as a result of your supportive teaching style and expert knowledge.  The feedback from our learners has always been incredibly positive; they particularly like the way any theory is interactively presented with direct ‘hands on’ trying out of colours and styles.

I have always liked your approachable, adaptable, fun and reliable personality and found you to be a professional who takes pride in delivering high quality workshops.  On a personal level you made a real difference to my wardrobe and shopping confidence when I commissioned you a couple of years ago to work with me.  To this day I wear only the colour palette and styles you suggested for me; many of my friends noticed and liked the ‘new me’ immediately!”


Kate – Owner of Marketing Communications company

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Claire give presentations to groups on a number of occasions. She is a confident and entertaining speaker, who is clearly hugely enthusiastic about her work and speaks knowledgeably about fashion and image. I would be happy to recommend Claire with confidence.”


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