Why Claire?

The rules are “there ain’t no rules”
First and foremost, my  approach is all about building confidence – it’s not about fashion, or fitting into the current trend, it’s about finding out what flatters you, what suits your shape, colouring, personality, lifestyle and budget– and helping you to feel great at all times in any given situation.

Some of you may think that visiting an Image Consultant will mean being told what NOT to wear, that for example you must NEVER wear black again, or your favourite dress will end up at the charity shop.  This MOST DEFINITELY is not my way of working with you.

My job is to help you look and feel fabulous every day, in every situation.  This is all about you and instead of applying a standard set of rules, I focus on asking you what do YOU like to wear, what do YOU feel good in, how do YOU want to appear to the world?  I then work with YOU to make that work in the best way for you and your lifestyle.  We may discover certain colours or shapes aren’t the most flattering on you – but that doesn’t mean you “can’t” wear them.  We find the BEST way for you to wear clothes you love.

Afterall, I hate being put in a box, so what would give me the right to do the same to you.

Do “normal” women really have a Style Coach?
There is a massive mis-conception that having a Style Coach is just for the rich or famous, or for those with a vast disposable income.  This is not the case at all.  All women deserve the right to feel fantastic about themselves, yet put off investing in themselves.
The amount of women I have worked with who say “I should have done this years ago”.

Over the years I have worked with women from all walks of life – from famous actresses to zoo-keepers, students to octogenarians.

Try this exercise – get out all the clothes that you either have never worn or just don’t feel “right” in.  These aren’t just  from your wardrobe and drawers, but also under the bed, suitcases in the loft  and anywhere else you store clothes that you have labelled “this might come in handy one day”.

Now, add up the cost of what you spent on all those clothes. Ask yourself this “can I afford to keep making these mistakes again and again”….

How do I know what to book?
Well, you can either book the consultation that you would like to experience OR book a Discovery Consultation and let me help you.
We will either arrange a mutually convenient time on the phone , or we can meet – whatever is best for you.

A Discovery Consultation is invaluable for TWO reasons:
1.  To make sure we hit it off.  The last thing I would want would be for you to book a consultation with me and then worry how we will get on and if you will enjoy the time you spend with me.  I absolutely understand that people “buy” people, and if there is a disconnect in personalities then you of course won’t get the best out of your consultation or investment.  I certainly wouldn’t want that.  The fact you have read this far in my website (thank you) hopefully means that you “get” me, and you feel there is already a connection and a knowledge that I will “get” you.
So lets chat and make sure that fit is there before you book with me.

2.  As importantly as the above is for me to make sure I give you the results you are looking for.  We will spend the time together to discover together how you are feeling about your style and image NOW.  What is it you want to change?  How would you like to feel?  How do you see yourself interacting with others in all situations of your life?  How would you like to look? How much are you willing to invest (in both time and money) to make these changes happen?  All of these things are imperative to make sure I suggest the best solutions for you.  My role is to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Continually supporting you!
You are not alone in this.  I am here for you throughout your “transformation”.  The common denominator here is about supporting you through your “journey” of confidence.  Depending on your needs and the program we put together for you, I will support you as much as you require, through regular face to face meetings, Skype Calls, Email or Phone or even Facebook Chat.

And once you have had your consultation, the support doesn’t stop there.  I offer on-going support through my Style Angel “keep in touch” program.